(A Society for the welfare and empowerment of Economic Weaker Sections (EWS) in India :
A Constituent of National Democratic & Socialistic Party)
Office : 185, 2nd Road Sainik Vihar, Madhuranagar RK Puram (PO) Secunderabad. TS - 500 056
Phone & Whatsapp. 91-9948293679. email.

Preamble : WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation; IN OUR CONSTITUENT ASSEMBLY this 26th day of November 1949, do HEREBY ADOPT, ENACT AND GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION.
We having promoted " NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC ECONOMICALLY WEAKER SECTIONS FEDERATION (NDEWSF) " in 2001 and give to ourselves NDEWSF's principal national political "NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC & SOCIALISTIC PARTY (NDSP)" ON this 01st May 2020, that do hereby adopt, enact and give ourselves  for our Socio -Economic-Political Road Map of NDEWSF and its principal "National Democratic & Socialistic Party (NDSP)."
Dear Sisters/Brothers: NATIONAL DEMOCRATIC ECONOMICALLY WEAKER SECTIONS FEDERATION ( HEREINAFTER REFERRED AS NDEWSF )is a Society for their Socio-Economic Road Map, Welfare, Empowerment. We seek your cooperation and patronage to NDEWSF and its principal NDSP as under..
1. Aim, Objective of National Democratic EWS Federation ( NDEWSF)

(1) NDEWSF is for educating POOR AMONG UPPER CASTE societies oF their constitutional rights and delivering progressive and competitive services, job, business etc to himself, his family, Village, District, State and the nation.
(2) NDEWSF protects the lives and properties of all its NDEWSF members.
(3) NDEWSF Works for the Welfare and Empowerment of NDEWSF members.
(4) NDEWSF to serve the nation in national building, unity among people of various societies and integration and communal harmony.
(5) NDEWSF to fight for the protection of the Constitution rights of NDEWSF and the Constitution of India.

2. Democracy in NDEWSF: NDEWSF draws its WILL from its General Body Meeting (GBM) at Village / Division General Body, Mandal / Block General Body, District General Body, State General Body and National General Body Meetings.

3. Functioning of NDEWSF General Body Meetings & its Committee: There shall be a General Body Meeting consisting of its exclusive members and the delegates appointed by the NDSP. Each GM elects its Committee members or as nominated by President NDSP. Respective Committee consisting of President, Vice President, General Secretary, Secretary, Joint Secretary and Treasurer and elected for a period of 3 Years. Respective committee addresses NDEWSF’s objectives in their respective area and works for the all round development and Welfare of NDEWSF members  through the Constitutional means.

4. NDEWSF Village/ Division's General Body : NDEWSF's Village / Division’s General Body (GB) at Village/Ward will consist of all NDEWSF members (above age 18 years, who is not insane or not bankrupt or not convicted. The NDCF’s Village GB reviews, forecasts, plans, coordinates NDEWSF members socio-economic advancement, empowerment and welfare in the village and its Committee members. The respective committee is answerable to the General Body and the Higher Committees. Village GB deputes two members each for the Block/Mandal GB, District GB, State GB and All India "NDEWSF's General Body" Meetings.

5. NDEWSF Mandal or Block General Body:  Consists of Two delegates from each village GB or Division or as nominated by the President the NDSP from respective village / Division GB or Mandal/Block GB which will form Mandal or Block NDEWSF GB who who shall elect their respective Mandal Committee to resolve the issues pertaining to members of NDEWSF in respective Mandal.

6. NDEWSF Parliament Constituency General Body: The village/ward GB in such MP PC will depute two member delegates or as nominated by the NDSP President shall represent its Parliament Constituency General Body and elect committee elect its PC Committee to resolve the issues pertaining to NDEWSF members in respective Parliament Constituency across the nation.

7. NDEWSF District General Body : Two delegates elected from each Village General Body or as nominated by the NDSP President from among the NDEWSF members of the respective District will form District GB who shall elect respective District Committee to resolve the issues pertaining to NDEWSF members in respective District.

8. NDEWSF State General Body (GB): Two delegates elected by respective villages in the State or as nominated by the NDSP President from respective State GB who shall elect respective State Committee to resolve the issues pertaining to NDEWSF members in respective State.

9. National Democratic EWS All India GB  : Two delegates elected from respective Parliament Constituency in the nation or as nominated by the NDSP’s National President will form National GB and who shall elect National Committee to resolve the issues pertaining to NDEWSF members in the nation.
Aims of National Democratic EWS Federation ( NDEWSF ). The following are some of NDEWSF's aims and objectives.
(1) Lay a road map for the all round advancement of the NDEWSF members.
(2) Fight for educational, professional and employment advancement of the NDEWSF members.
(3) Promote self help groups of the NDEWSF men and women members of NDEWSF.
(4) Fight for the constitutional rights of the NDEWSF members.
(5) Fight for reservation of 5% to NDEWSF, support OBCs for 50% reservation, Dalits for 30% reservation, Muslims for 10% reservation, through NDSP in the legislature.
(6) Protect lives, properties and self respect of NDEWSF members.
(7) Promote exclusive schools, colleges with hostels for members of NDEWSF's children.
(8) Fight for the self employment loans for NDEWSF unemployed members.
(9) Promote cottage and small scale industries for NDEWSF members.
(10) Guide NDEWSF members with their Trade, Industries and Professional Federation.
(11) To represent the problems of NDEWSF members at the Executive, the Legislature and the Judiciary.
(12) Provide legal aid to protect properties of NDEWSF and render them family counselling.
(13) Promote self employment to NDEWSF and its sister concerned confederation’s members.
(14) Provide medical aid to poor NDEWSF members through confederation's hospitals.
(15) Promote leadership among NDEWSF, OBC, SCs, STs and Minorities Federations' members as the Members of the Local Bodies, members of the State Legislature and the Parliament.
(16) Promote products manufactured and services provided by members of EWS,  Minorities, OBCs, SCs, STs amf Mahila Federations.
(17) Give coaching to the children of its poor members of NDEWSF, admit their children in the Govt Schools.
(18) Encourages NDEWSF farmers for commercial and profit making farming.
(19) Provide house sites, houses, and flats, fight for allotment of government plots to members of the NDEWSF.
(20) Organise coaching for IAS, IPS, and Commissioning in Armed Forces etc.,
(21) Fight against RSS and its associate Wing's lynching of Christians, Muslims and Dalits, fight against their Guerilla attack on Christians, Muslims and Dalits and burning their houses and churches, masjids through legal and democratic means.
(22) Fight against RSS and its associate Wing's efforts in treating EBCs, Christians, Muslims and Dalits, as Sudhras under Manusmriti or Hindutva through legal and democratic means.
(23) Abide by the constitutional advise of NDSP, Among Others

Voice of NDEWSF: Indian White Paper English Daily and News Portal
Annual Membership fee of NDEWSF: (i) Below poverty line : 100/-. (ii) Lower Middle Class : Rs. 500/-
(iii) Upper Middle Class:  Rs. 1000/- (iv) Income Tax Payers : As Desired
National Democratic EWS Federation (NDEWSF)
Patron & President NDSP : MA Mujeeb, M.P.M, LLB., (Advocate, High Court & Veteran, Editor, Indian White Paper - English Daily: Whatsapp / Mobile : 9948293679

National President : Professor RJS Verma

Telangana State President:  Ch Sri Hari (Advocate, High Court of Telangana)

Andhra Pradesh State President: B. Rajashekhara Reddy.

For rest of the States, their respective States General Body are being electing their respective Committees or President NDSP is taking appropriate steps to appoint respective State Adhoc Committee