(For Welfare, Empowerment, Self Respect, Social Justice & Protection of Constitutional Rights of SCs) National Committee : Plot No. 186, 2nd Road Sainik Vihar, Madhuranagar RK Puram (PO) Secunderabad. TS-India 500056. Mob : 9948293679.

My Dear Brothers and Sisters, Jai Bhim, Jai Pule, Al Rahman, Jai Bharath : “WE, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic and to secure to all its citizens JUSTICE, social, economic and political; LIBERTY of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship; EQUALITY of status and of opportunity; and to promote among them all FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation; In our Constituent Assembly on this 26-11-1949, do HEREBY Adopt, enact and Give to ourselves This Constitution. We in promotion meeting of National Democratic & Socialistic Party (NDSP) also resolved to promote Scheduled Castes Federation (SCF) on 01-5-2020, do hereby adopt, enact and give to ourselves NDSP and its SCs Federation (SCF) and such other community wings to NDSP .

About Scheduled Castes Federation (SCF) : It is an NGO for welfare, protection of self respect, promotion of social justice and to forecast, plan, execute and coordinate socio-economic political justice and empowerment for SCs with an active cooperation with other moolanivasy Indians the STs, OBCs & Minorities through their national political party NDSP and its Committees from Village to national level.

II. Functioning of SCF ; SCF draws its working WILL from its respective General Body Meeting (GBM) from village to nation that consist of its members through their respective Committee for 3 years consist of President, Vice President, Gen Secretary, Secretary, Jt Secretary, Treasurer. All GBMs meet 4 times in year on (i) Republic Day (ii) Independence Day (iii) Dr. BR Ambedkar Jayanthi (iv) NDSP Formation day or when called by NDSP. Village/Division GBM elects 8 member delegates from among its VGB members or as appointed by NDSP, 2 each to represent at (i) Mandal/Block, (ii) District, (iii) State (iv) National GBs. NDSP’s respective committee may by its resolution approved by next NDSP superior committee, dissolve and appoint new adhoc committees.

III. Village/Division GB: Consist of all members of SCF from Village/ Division/Penta/Thanda General Body Meeting (GBM) that elects 8 member delegates &committee from among Village/Division GB to represent 2 at (i) Mandal/Block GB, (ii) District GB, (iii) State GB & (iv) National GB addresses SCs Road Map.

IV Mandal/Block GB: It consists of two Mandal / Block GB member delegates as sent by the respective Village GB in Mandal/Block addresses SCF’s aims in Mandal SCs and elects its Mandal or Block committee..

V District GB: It consists of two District GB member delegates as sent by the respective Village GB in District or as appointed by NDSP to address SCF’s aims in the District and it elects its District Committee.

VI State GB: It consists of two State General Body member delegates as sent by the respective Village GB in State or as appointed by NDSP to address SCF’s aims and objectives in the State and it elects SCF State Committee or other such committees for a period of three years.

VII National GB: It consists of two National General Body member delegates as sent by the respective Village GB in Nation or as appointed by NDSP to address SCF’s aims and objectives in the Nation and it elects SCF National Committee or other such committees for 3 years.
AIMS & OBJECTIVES of Scheduled CASTES Federation (ScF) Dalit Federation
1 Lay a road map for all round advancement of the Scheduled Castes (SCs) through NDSP.
2. Uphold and protect the Constitution of India from being hijacking by Manuwadies and its conversion into Manusmrithi for continuation of reservations to SCs, restrain Manuwadies from enforcing SCs as Manuwadies servants, seizure of SCs properties and rights, as under Manu Smrithi in ancient times.
3. Fight for educational, professional, employment and self employment advancement of STs.
4. Promote SCs SHGs and assist and Cooperate with SHGs of STs, BCs, Minorities of NDSP.
5. Fight for the constitutional rights of SCs by seeking cooperation with STs, BCs & Minorities.
6. For reservation of 30% to Dalits (12% to STs & 18 % SCs), BCs 50 %,  10% to Muslims.
7. Protect lives and properties and self respect of SCs, and NDSP constituent members
8. Promote exclusive schools, colleges with hostels for children of SCs.
9. Fight for self employment loans to SCs. Unemployment allowances for SCs Rs.2000 to 7000/-pm
10. Promote cottage and small scale industries for SCs and help NDSP constituent members.
11. Represent problems of SCs to the  executive, Legislature & Judiciary, Police etc.,
12. Provide legal aid and render family counselling to contain domestic violence against dalit.
13 Promote avenues for self employment for dalits and its confederation’s members.
14 Provide medical and legal aid to SCs through Govt policies and NDSP members units.
15 Promote SCs and NDSP constituent members as the Public Representatives MPs, MLAs etc.
16 Promote products manufactured & services provided by SCs & NDSP constituent members.
17 Coach children of SCs members studying in Schools, Colleges, IAS, IPS, Armed Forces etc
18 Organise SCs Inter ward/village, mandal, district and state sports to promote ST Sportsmen.
19. Fight for reservation for the SCs and STs in PSUs and Govt jobs, higher judiciary.
20 SCs to get B form from National Democratic/Socialist Party for MLAs, MPs etc.
21. Fight for NDSP president posts on rotation basis between NDSP’s constituents.
Our disunity results in our backwardness: Though we 20% of SCs in India’s population, they continue to suffer for justice and get step motherly treatment. Let us unite and lay our progressive Road Map.

Voice of SCP & NDSP : Indian White Paper News Portal

STs Federation : TS Committee :
TS President :  B. Laxman, SCs Federation - TS Committee : Mob; 95532 62064
Founder Prez Patron : SCs Federation :  M.A. Mujeeb (Adv, HC - President: NDSP, Mob 9948293679