All India Mahila Federation (AIMF)

(For Women’s  Socio-Economic empowerment, Constitutional & Legal Rights & Welfare)
An  Integral constituent of Bahujan Democratic Party (BDP)
Committee: 185, 2nd Road, Sainik Vihar, Near Old Court Secunderabad.TS.-500056 email:

Dear Sisters, Here is our All India Mahila Federation that functions from village to the National level as under :

1. Main Objective: It is a brain child of the promoter of Bahujan Democratic Party MA Mujeeb, who gifts an exclusive organisation for women to work as per the will of the General Body at village, Mandal or Block, District, State and Nation level to resolve all the issues pertaining the Women in the nation. Each GB and committee(s) forecasts, plans, coordinates and executes socio-economic empowerment, welfare, self respect and constitutional rights and for protection of women from all the communities.

2. Working of All India Mahila Federation: There shall be a General Body Meeting at Village, Mandal or Block, District, State and National level. Each GB elects its Committee(s) members consisting of a Chairperson, Working Presidents, Vice Presidents, General Secretaries, Secretaries, Joint Secretaries and Treasure for 3 years unless removed by its respective General Body or BDP on the grounds of inefficiency, corruption or indiscipline. The committee(s) is/are answerable to respective General Body and their Higher Committees and BDP.

General Body to resolve the will of the Women for their empowerment from village to national level as under

I. Village/Division General Body :Village General Body (VGB) at Village consists of women members above age 18 years, who is not insane or not bankrupt or not convicted. It elects 8 members two each to represent for Village women for their Block / Mandal GB, District GB, State GB, National GB.

II. Mandal / Block General Body: Consists of two women delegates sent from each village General Body in such Mandal or Block or as nominated by the President of BDP who form Mandal or Block GB and elect Mandal Committee(s) to address issues pertaining to women in respective Mandal or Block.

III. Parliament Constituency GB: PC GB consists of 2 women members of respective Village GB in Parliament Constituency. It elects PC Committee and 10 member delegates to represent in the National GB.

IV. District General Body: Consists of 2 delegates from among members of each village GB in District or as nominated by the President of BDP from respective village in district or in such District form District GB, elects District Committee(s), and they resolve the issues pertaining to women in District.

V. State General Body: Consists of 5 delegates from among members of each Mandal GB in State or as nominated by the President of BDP from respective Mandal in State or form State GB, State GB elects State Committee(s), and they resolve the issues pertaining to all women in respective State.

VI. National General Body: Consists of 5 delegates from among members of each Parliament GB in India or as nominated by the President of BDP from respective PC in nation forms National General Body that its elects National Committee(s), and they resolve the issues pertaining to all women in Nation.

Aims & objectives of All India Mahila Federation .
The following are some of its secondary aims and objectives of All India Mahila Federation .
1) Lay a Road Map for the all-round advancement of the Women in India.
(2) Fight for educational, professional & employment advancement of Women in India.
(3) Fight for PM and CM Post for Woman as per the rotation Policy of BDP between Men and Women.
(4) Promote self-help groups of the Women and Fight for their constitutional rights.
(5) Fight for 50 % to Women in Legislature / Local Bodies as per BDP policy from respective community.
(6) Protect lives, properties and self-respect of Women and girls.
(7) Promote exclusive schools, colleges with hostels for children of its members.
(8) Fight for the self-employment loans for Women. Give financial aid to the women professionals
(9) Promote cottage and SSIs for Women and Organise Federation of Trade, Commerce and Industries.
(10) Fight enhanced strength of Women in the Executive, Legislature and the Judiciary
(11) To represent the problems of Women at the Executive, Legislature and Judiciary.
(12) Provide legal aid and render family counselling to contain domestic violence.
(13) Promote avenues for self-employment and loans within 30 days State to stand as surety.
(14) Provide medical aid to of its members through its hospitals, nursing homes and clinics.
(15) Promote leadership of Women, its confederation’s members as PRs including MLAs / MPs
(16) Promote products manufactured and services provided by the Women.
(17) Give coaching to the children of its poor members, admit their children in the Govt Schools.
(18) Fight for Women, labour, organised and unorganised Women employees, workers rights.
(19) Provide house sites, houses, and fight for allotment of government plots to Women.
(20) Organise coaching for IAS, IPS, and Commissioning in Armed Forces etc., among others

Note : Despite women are 50% in Indian population, they are treated as secondary citizen.

Voice of All India Mahila Federation: Indian White Paper Daily English News Portal

Annual Membership: Yearly membership fee as under : BPL Rs. 10/-, Middle Class Rs. 20/-, IT Payees: Rs. 100/- Donations can be given by cross cheques favour All India Mahila Federation.
All India Mahila Federation
National Convener : Mrs. Athiya Sulthana (Director: Annu Estate & Indian White Paper) Ph: 9059289795
Andhra Pradesh Convener : Mrs. Saraswati Advocate High Court of AP, Ph. 7396276759.
Telangana Convener : Mrs. B. Sharada Advocate High Court of TS & AGP - Ph:9948845147
President - Hyderabad President : Mrs. Meh Jabeen, Advocate, Hyderabad Criminal Court : 9182842956
Rangareddy President : Mrs. Manju Latha Yadav, Rangareddy District Court Advocate, Ph: 9290140798
GHMC President: Mrs. Yasmeen, Advocate High Court of TS, Ph. 9059289795
M&M District President: Mrs. Lakshmi, Advocate & Notary, .

Chief Patron-MA Mujeeb Adv HC/ National President, Bahujan Democratic Party
Email. . 9948293679